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In 49 Other States It Is Just A Game... Brian Klein

In 49 Other States It Is Just A Game...
...but in Indiana it is a way of life!  
It’s here! Indiana high school basketball sectional week is upon us - a uniquely special time when schools and communities come together all across the state state to support their teams as they chase the dream of a sectional championship.
At Blue River Valley Schools we are blessed to be one of the premier small schools in Indiana - we are thriving academically and excelling athletically and we have the support of a wonderful community. As with any team that is chasing a dream, it is vital that all of the parts of the team are on board and doing their part. That makes every member of our entire school an important and essential part of achieving our end goal. It is the students who will fill the stands, the pep band that creates the high energy to the fans, our supportive staff and the wonderful AthleticBoosters, and a loyal community, and the students and staff who participate in each of the teams and c…

Indiana School Mascots

Indiana School Mascots
A few things to ponder as we get into the Indiana High School Basketball Tournament and our homegrown Hoosier Hysteria. In French the word mascotte originally referred to a totem or charm used for good luck. In the 20th Century it evolved into a uniquely American practice of transferring “good luck” - and usually live- animal mascots into symbols of their teams, and eventually of their whole school identity.
Here are Indiana's 16 most used school mascots* and how many schools use them:
Eagles 22 (Including 2 Golden Eagles and 1 Fighting Eagles)
Warriors 22
Panthers 19
Tigers 15 (There is 1 Tiger Cubs)
Bulldogs 14
Trojans 12
Cougars 11 (There is 1 Kougars)
Wildcats 11 (There is 1 Wildkats and 1 Cadet Wildcats)
Knights 11 (There is 1 Golden Knights)
Patriots 10
Lions 9
Braves 9

The Importance of Music in Education - Jim Bales

The Importance of Music in Education Jim Bales
I could quote countless research reports to support the benefits of music education but we must also remember that we teach music because it’s a universal language, and the arts are our most potent means of human expression.
We must never give the impression that artistic expression is less useful or important than the sciences.  We must never allow music, art, dance or drama to be pushed aside in our American school curriculum.  It is well known that study in the arts has beneficial effects on learning other academic skills, but those are merely side effects.
We study arts for their own sake.
Young people should study music because it’s central to every human society on earth and has a vitally important role in every aspect of culture, from history to literature to media and communication studies.
Music is an essential part of what it means to be a human being. It occurs in every culture, in every era.
Fortunately, music has always been an i…

Outline of Planning Thoughts for 17-18

As most of you know, the administrative team has been in the process of fact-finding in order to come to some decisions about how best to improve student performance in some key areas. 
Fact-finding is part of the very fist decision-making step - Assemble data. 
One of the options that we wanted to examine was a middle school model which would move 6th grade to the current Jr. Sr. High School building, integrate them with grades 7 and 8, and create a middle school. 
Towards this end we met with teachers and parents, and had a couple of options for parents to come into the school, see the space and the school facility, and ask questions. We have examined all of our options and we will not be bringing this recommendation to the school board next week, February 13.
The agenda for Monday's board meeting will be publicly posted today and it will not be listed as an agenda item, and we will move on to more fact-finding in some other areas we see as potential solutions to some gaps in s…

USS Consitution Grove

USS Constitution Grove
We’ve seen a lot of commentary lately on the Constitution of the United States and how various people interpret it - or perhaps wish it were different.
Very few people actually understand the nature of the “title” of the document even if they know its contents very well, for the document itself is NOT the Constitution of the United States, rather its contents describe the manner in which the Government of the United States is constituted. The organization of, and limits upon, the power of our government must match the description which is contained in the document that we call the “Constitution” but it is that proper structure of government that gives the document its name, not the other way around.
The document itself is a recipe, a set of instructions- it is in fact the representative form of government, described therein by law, and constituted as described, that is the subject of the Oath of Office for people who swear to defend it. Not the document upon whic…

The Peanut Butter Manisfesto

The Peanut Butter Manifesto
Three weeks into school this might seem like an odd topic for me to share on a Friday, but I hope that it can a good job of connecting some current events in the world right now with what we’re trying to do with our own educational mission.
Yahoo! was founded in 1994 by two friends, Jerry Yang and David Filo, as a guide to the “World Wide Web” and within a few years was the most-used portal to the web.
You’ve probably already seen it on the news, but this summer Yahoo agreed to sell Tumbler, e-mail and its news services to Verizon after losing $440 million in the last quarter. But Yahoo had never truly evolved into a sustainable model in all of the decades that it operated.
In 2006 Yahoo Senior Vice President Brad Garlinghouse wrote an internal memo to the Yahoo staff that became known as “the Peanut Butter Manifesto” (a title it acquired after it was leaked to the Wall Street Journal) because he wrote in his memo that Yahoo’s business practices could be “…de…