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Van Nuys Earthworks Site

Van Nuys Earthworks Site
In the graphic below you can see the original survey (in grey) of the earthworks at Van Nuys, overlooking Little Blue River. It is overlaid on a satellite image (Google Earth, in green) of the area of the bluff southeast of intersection of Hwy 103 and CR 200 N - about 3 miles southwest of our campus.Dr.Walter Van Nuys was the superintendent of the Epileptic Village in the area, and the site is named after him.
This was the former site of the administration buildings of the State Hospital and later used as “North Campus” for New Castle Schools.  I have added all of the labels.

Red Circles indicate the rough locations and the relative sizes of the mounds.
They’re faint, but in the original grey map (overlaid) the mounds are numbered, while lettered structures are former hospital facilities. All but three mounds are now gone.

Alignment and relationship between the “Great Mound” and the smaller mounds.
At 40° North Latitude the declination of sunrise and sunset from…

Traits / At-risk Traits Associated With Socio-economic Status (SES), Wages, And Educational Level

Traits / At-risk Traits Associated With Socio-economic Status (SES), Wages, And Educational Level
Sources CDC, Dept of Ed, Dept of HHS, Dept. of Labor, Dept of Justice, APA
 Below is some data we all should know about at-risk traits that impact our students. Bear in mind -  some of these traits are correlational but not necessarily causal - smoking is more likely in populations with low educational levels, but smoking does not cause you quit school. High-risk traits tend to be clustered in specific populations which makes many of them multi-categorical and frequently multi-generational.
The percentages of these at-risk traits that are impacting our communities is growing, and some of them are growing in Henry County at higher rates than other area counties. These traits have significant impacts on our students and families.
Rates that are unlabeled are national data. State and County data are labeled as such.
Criminal Incarceration Rates
Percentage of Incarceration Rates and Education 56…


Neurodiversity Digested from multiple sources
“Neurodiversity is a biological fact.  It’s not a perspective, an approach, a belief, a political position, or a paradigm.”        Walker, Nick. "Neurodiversity: Some Basic Terms and Definitions."
For many years normalcy in the core factors of personality which define how people interact with others was based upon the postulate that extroverts made up most of the population and therefore extroversion was the normal human type. In recent years, however, we have come to understand that introversion and extroversion are related to how sensitive people are to external stimuli, and we now realize that both extroverted and introverted people are normal, just on different places on the sensitivity scale which alters their tolerances to stimulus.
Extroverts who work in education had to learn (Or, more accurately: are still struggling to learn…) how inappropriate it is to try to “fix” introverts, and introverts became much more able and emp…

Professionalism – A list of lists

Professionalism – A list of lists
If you’ve been following the school news in Muncie, you’ve probably seen some of the debate over the question of teachers as professionals or not. We’ve always been subject to more criticism than most professionals, and lately as a political wedge between teachers and “professionals” on one side and lower wage-earners on the other. Plus, a lot of people just like criticizing teachers for their own reasons.
Professionalism is defined differently depending upon the sources you consider.  I remember even in undergrad and graduate classes talking about professions and professionalism, but rarely discussing why it was important to think of ourselves as professionals. Since teaching is a very accessible profession for people from all backgrounds and social classes, teachers do bring different values and ethics into the workplace. The same was true in the Army as well, although the term “professionalism” was used much more in common communication in the Army…