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Our Land of Many Waters

Our Land of Many Waters
Our district is filled with waters, which, like all things, diverge and converge. Due to our relative elevation, waters collect into streams and rivers here, and leave our district rather than enter it. Our part of Indiana was well-described in the 1857 Henry County Atlas as “...inclined to be wet” and in the 1884 Henry County Atlas, “The land is watered by numerous streams which flow toward all points of the compass….”

Big Blue River (often unfortunately shortened to simply “Blue River” in common use -  which is a shame) runs for about 84 miles from northeast to southwest across Indiana. Its source is now technically the discharge from the dam at Summit Lake, at 40⁰ 01’ 26.79” north, and 85⁰ 19’ 35.70 west. At this source, in normal weather, the river is about 5 feet wide.  
If you went all the way back to the easternmost source before Summit Lake was built - which has been described as having been a “a powerful bubbling spring” (artesian wells are still common t…