Fight Song

Blue River Valley was consolidated from schools in Prairie and Blue River Townships. The Mt. Summit High School mascot was the Eagle, red and gray. The Mooreland High School mascot was the Bobcat, Black and Gold. There was a school house on our current site as long ago as the 1870's - along with school houses all across the two townships. 

Our fight song is certainly one of the fightingest fight songs around - it has the word "Fight" in it a full seven times - once even spelled out, c-a-p-i t-a-l letter by capital letter. I love it.

"Mighty" and "Vikings" appear five times each. 

"Conquer", "Glory", "Victor", and "Win" each show up one time. It makes me want to fight just reading it - and it is a high energy and original song, unique to us. 

It's a good legacy an our students are doing well defending it. 

I hope each of you has had a great week - enjoy the three-day weekend! 

We're the Vikings of mighty Blue River High
We will conquer all and win
Mighty Vikings fight
Mighty Vikings score
We will hold our glory high
Mighty Vikings always a victor over all
We will fight to win this game.
Yes, we will fight
Fight to win this game
Mighty Vikings of Blue River High
F-I-G-H-T, fight 'em team, fight 'em!


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