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Thinking Inside the Box

Fill your professional box with the right stuff, and you’ll discover that 99 times out of 100, the solution actually does come from inside the box. Creative people literally bring things into existence, but never from scratch. To make something that endures it must be built upon a solid foundation.
We live in a world where patience, methodical process, research, resources and knowledge have led to amazing leaps in technology, science, medicine, communications, and education year after year.  Boxes are important. They store and organize important things so people can find them, and use them.
Creative people bring new things into our culture every day. Bus so do people who are not particularly creative.
But people cannot bring new things into our culture when their boxes are filled with the common and ubiquitous static of meaningless stuff – things which are ephemeral and add nothing to our understanding of the world and each other.  This is fine when it is entert…