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A Charlie Brown Christmas Story

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmas premiered in 1965 - 52 years ago. It has since been honored with an Emmy, a Peabody Award and a Congressional Gold Medal. It was also among one of the very first animations of a Bible story.

It was originally on CBS, although ABC now owns the broadcast rights. Coca-Cola was the original sponsor.

Peanuts and Charlie Brown were creations of cartoonist Charles M. Schulz and the  comic ran for 50 years - 1950 to 2000.  There were almost 18,000 original strips.

Mr. Schultz was born in Minnesota in 1922, and died in 2000 - literally just hours before the very final Peanuts strip was published. There are Peanuts character sculptures throughout downtown St. Paul in his honor. As a young man he also was member of the Church of God headquartered at Anderson University (I went there myself - although my own large spherical and nearly hairless head was not the model for Charlie Brown).

Running, Courage, and the Extraordinary Trip

Running, Courage, and the Extraordinary Trip
I began running as an avocation in the summer of 1979 when I joined the Blue River Valley Jr. High Cross Country team. I’ve run ever since - I like it and I feel healthier, both physically and mentally (and emotionally), when I am running with some regularity.
Running is good for me. I am an introvert and like to do things alone, I like things to be quiet, I love counting and calculating, and I am very competitive. I am a man, and therefore am inclined to prefer tasks which have clear starting and finish lines and unambiguous results and which I can do by myself.  It suits me as hobby more than anything else. Being a good runner served me well in the Army and I’ve coached high school track and cross country having been an experienced runner most of my life. It’s a major part of my identity, and although I’ve been an active runner now for thirty-eight years, I still will have people come up to me and say, “Didn’t you used to be a runner?”