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The Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken
British poet Edward Thomas was born in 1878 and was killed in action in France during the First World War in April of 1917. He was not yet 40 years old. He had a secret marriage to a woman who was teenager when she became pregnant with his child, and a relationship with another teenager later in his life, and he coped with his unacknowledged children and secret wife and mental illness with opium and some failed attempts at suicide.  He had worked as a literary critic through his 20’s but only began publishing his own work in his late 30’s. He was survived by his wife, a son, and two daughters.

He was a close friend of the American Poet Robert Frost, who lived in England from 1912 until 1915, when he returned to America as the war was starting to dramatically change the English way of life and culture.  
Thomas was considered to be very hesitant and indecisive, unable to anchor to anything and very slow to change. Frost and others in his circle needled him about it. Of…
Adolphe Sax
Antoine-Josephe Sax, known commonly as Adolphe Sax, was a Belgian woodwind artist who, like both of his parents, invented numerous kinds of musical instruments and is known to posterity as the inventor of the saxophone, along with several other “Sax- themed” instruments.
Now as we all know, if you want to send out a brick wall of groove and you are not Kenny G -  you need a saxophone. Sax developed the saxophone in his late 20’s and was 32 when he patented and introduced the instrument.
But this guy was also as tough as Chuck Norris - he was burned pretty badly as a child which almost killed him, he fell out of a tree, which almost killed him, contracted measles and was comatose for nine days.  He also fell into a river, which almost killed him, was badly burned in a gunpowder explosion, which almost killed him, he broke his arm, accidently once drank boric acid (insecticide), and he suffered, from of all things, lip cancer, but actually recovered from it even in the medica…


Nexuses Connections, Networks, Intersections and School

Nexus is a great word. It sounds cool and is ambiguous enough in common usage to mean
about anything anymore, especially when used in action movies, kind of like the word, “Matrix.”

In traditional use, a nexus is a connection (Latin, connexio, “with a nexus”) which organizes
and combines singular things or smaller groups into larger integrated systems. For example,
every intersection or off-ramp in a highway is nexus, and in sophisticated systems, like
highways, and rivers and the Internet, a change in any nexus can change the whole of the
system, and cause downstream changes that affect every other nexus.

Connections create networks that allow for communication.

Communication is a relationship created by the movement of information between two parties.

The word communication literally means “sharing” and it is the change medium in a
change model.

It is the central concept to understanding change models because the cause-and-effect

Welcome Back 2018-2019

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We have had another very good start to what will be a very good year at a very good school that will set us up to have an even better year after we have completed this one.
Booker T Washington said that “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” We have to be the uncommon school, the excellent school.

The school improvement programming is paying off in enrollment growth, and the quality of our school culture and programming is now reaching audiences in the broader region that had not considered choosing us before. This is a metric of the quality of our people, nothing else attracts serious families in a school market with many choices.
I can’t stress enough how important this is for our school: we have to be better than the other area schools and we have to promote ourselves just like a business would.
Everyone in our school community must understand that our long-term viability as a school depends entirely on being a very, very good …